Year One - Term 1 2018



Our Team:

Brenda Petkovic & Nicole Livingston (1/15)

Kristen Whitehead-Bell (1/17)

Sue Anderson (1/18)

Jo Smith (1/28)

Sharna Dean-Wright (1/29)

Our Specialists:

Physical Education – Sue Burt and Franca Peluso

Visual Arts – Danielle Barrett and Melissa Hamilton

Music – Di Pendlebury and Erica Eichner

Indonesian – Alena Schneider and Sally Wilson

Performing Arts -  Alena Schneider

Our Focus:

Being in Year One will be a very exciting and busy time for your child. We aim to provide a stimulating and engaging learning program for your child that is challenging and supportive. We will endeavour to consolidate and extend your child’s understandings in the areas of English, Mathematics and Physical and Personal development. Each teacher has high expectations and will expect your child to do their best at all times.

We encourage and expect your son/daughter to:

- produce work that is interesting in content, correct and well presented

- use good manners at all times

- show care and concern for others inside and outside the classroom

- display a desire to learn, share and cooperate with others

- show respect for their peers, teachers and other children’s belongings (no trading or borrowing of personal items/equipment please).


Below is an overview of our structures and programs that aims to help inform you of what we teach and how we teach. If you’d like to find out more about any of these programs, please pop in for a chat.


Specialist Timetable:









10:00 Wednesday

10:00 Monday

9:00 Wednesday

10:00 Wednesday

9:00 Wednesday


9:00 Wednesday

9:00 Wednesday

10:00 Wednesday

2:30 Thursday

10:00 Wednesday


10:30 Monday

11:30 Monday

12:00 Monday

12:30 Monday




12:00 Tuesday



10:00 Tuesday

10:30 Tuesday

11:30 Tuesday

Performing Arts


10:00 Wednesday


9:00 Wednesday


Key Dates:

  • Parent Teacher interviews Monday 26th Feb

  • Labour Day Monday 12th March

  • Twilight Sports Wednesday 14th March time TBA

  • End of term 1: Early Dismissal at 2:30pm Thursday 29th March – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Parents Helpers:

There are many ways you can help your child’s classroom teacher including preparing resources and classroom reading. Parent Helpers are very much appreciated. Each class will create a roster of helpers to listen to the children read on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. Notes have gone out for expressions of interest. Teachers will organize a roster based on your availability. A parent session will be run to provide further details regarding our Literacy programs.


Class DOJO will be used to share classroom information and provide a platform for positive communication between the school and home.  If you have not already signed up please see your child’s teacher to organise an invitation. We encourage you to continue to form strong partnerships through communication and if ever you have any questions, please make a time to see us so that we can maximise the learning opportunities for your child. Messages will be read and responded to between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm weekdays.



LPPS has a highly successful reading program following the CAFE structure, which focuses on Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding Vocabulary. The take home reading program provide time for students to enjoy and practise reading. Children will bring easy to read books home each day.  Research shows that the greatest growth occurs when students read easy books as it allows them to practise and develop effective reading strategies. We engage with harder texts at school to explicitly teach effective reading strategies. Please read with your child every day and return the satchel to school daily (even if you have not had the chance to hear your child read).


The Year One spelling program will begin in Week 5. Children will be working through assigned common spelling words each week, and will be tested on these words once a week.  You can help your child to succeed in this area by encouraging them to practice their spelling words each night.


Our writing genres this term will be Narrative (story) and Poetry. We will focus on the fundamental aspects of writing including punctuation i.e. when to use full stops and capital letters and how to make our writing interesting through the inclusion of WOW words and sizzling starts.

The ‘Big Write’ writing program is implemented across the school to develop our students into capable and confident writers. Once a fortnight the children will be provided with a ‘Big Talk Homework’ topic. We ask your family to talk about the writing topic by sharing ideas. This will prepare your child to participate fully in our dedicated ‘Big Write’ writing session.




In Term 1 we will be revising and focusing on:

  • counting patterns i.e. counting by 1s (forwards and backwards and from various startign points), 10s, 5s and 2s to 100

  • reading, writing and ordering numbers to 100

  • partitioning numbers such as 28 is 2 tens and 8 ones or 20 and 8

  • asking simple questions to create graphs and

  • identifying outcomes of familiar events involving chance such as ‘will happen’, ‘won’t happen’ or ‘might happen’.

In Year 1 we help children develop their mathematical knowledge, language and understanding through encouraging mathematical talk and using a range of materials such as counters, math games, unifix cubes, number charts and base-ten materials.


The Year One integrated topics for Term 1 are Science and Geography.  The curriculum focus is on awareness of self and the local world. Our Physical Science unit will explore the phenomena of light and sound by encouraging students to observe, question, investigate and seek answers through using the senses to gather different types of information.  Our Geography unit centers on local community and what makes a place special for example: their room, a holiday location or a play area. Students are then encouraged to explain why that place is special to them.  



We have an exciting ICT program with mini iPads available in each classroom and regular access to laptops in the ICT Lab. Interactive ICT resources are incorporated daily throughout the curriculum. ICT programs including Reading Eggs and Mathletics are an important component of our programs and children are encouraged to access these at home too. Tasks are tailored to each child’s learning needs.  


During Tuesday afternoon Wellbeing, each class will engage in a range activities designed to develop Respectful Relationships. Our school is involved in a new and exciting local school network initiative – THRIVE. Our focus for term 1 is Emotional Literacy.


Try Your Best

Be Healthy

Relate Well

Get Involved

Live Your Values

Enjoy Positive Emotions



Reading every day with your child for just five minutes a day has a profound impact on their ability to read. We encourage you to read with your child each night, and later in the term we ask you to revise the spelling of commonly used words in preparation for their spelling tests.