Year Four


Welcome to Year 4

Term 4

The Year 4 teachers for 2018 are Mr. Emerson (4/19), Ms. Milne (4/20), Ms. Smith (4/26) and Mr. Moran (4/27).

This year we wish to focus on building our students’ resilience, improving their collaboration skills and increasing their independence. Being in Year 4 will be a very exciting and busy time for students. Our aim is to consolidate and extend your child’s understandings in the areas of English, Mathematics and a range of Science and integrated topics.

In Term 4 we will be focusing on the THRIVE elements of ‘living your values’ and ‘being healthy.’ Students will be working toward helping others, finding their passion, being active and eating well.

We expect all our Year 4 students to:

  • take on the responsibility of being a good role model for the junior year levels 
  • show respect for their peers, teachers, other children and the school environment
  • display manners and be courteous at all times
  • obey school rules and complete set tasks within the classroom
  • be aware of their surroundings.


We thank you for your ongoing support so far this year and encourage you to continue to form strong partnerships with us through communication with your classroom teacher.

Specialist Program

Our Year 4 students will be participating in the following specialist lessons throughout the year; Phys. Ed, LOTE, Music, Art and Performing Arts. Students will also be involved in year 4 sport.

Key Dates



Wednesday 24th October

School Disco

Tuesday 6th November

Melbourne Cup

Tuesday 27th November

Parent Helpers Morning Tea

Monday 3rd December

Curriculum Day

Wednesday 12th December

Christmas Singalong

Friday 21st December

Last Day Term 4


Below is an overview of our structures and programs that aims to help inform you of what we teach and how we teach.


We will continue to utilise the aspects of the CAFÉ and Daily 5 program to help students develop a wide range of reading skills. Students will be encouraged to pick ‘good fit’ books whilst also setting realistic and achievable reading goals to help them improve them comprehension skills.

Term 4 will see the introduction of our Poetry unit. Students will investigate the features and elements of poetry and plan, draft, and publish their own poems. Additionally, they will continue to develop their understanding of vocabulary and punctuation.


Spelling will be done as a part of the daily 5 rotations and also during grammar lessons. Students will become familiar with spelling rules and strategies to help them spell unfamiliar words. Each student will receive individualised spelling lists each week.


This term, Year 4 will be focusing on Fractions and Decimals. Students will be utilising a wide range of hands-on strategies to help them develop their understanding of fractions in real life situations. Students will also undertake units on Time and Money to help them further develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills in a mathematical context.


This term we will complete a Science unit where students will investigate the roles of living things in a habitat and their life cycles. Our History unit will look at the First Fleet and students will discuss the causes and reasons for the journey, who travelled to Australia, and their experiences and perspectives following arrival.

Digital Technologies

Students will have access to laptops where they can research various topics. This term the computers will be utilised as a tool to enhance learning in other areas of the curriculum and to develop knowledge in coding.


Students will continue to complete homework grids throughout Term 4. These tasks will involve work we are focusing on in class and forms a big part of helping students develop their skills in all areas of the curriculum.