Year Six



Welcome back to the final term for the year! Term 4 promises to be a busy one, we hope that everyone had the opportunity to refresh themselves and recharge their batteries over the Spring break. Below we have listed some important upcoming dates for our Level 6 students, as well as an overview of our curriculum areas covered in Term 4. We look forward to celebrating the final year of Primary School with your children!


Important Term 4 Dates:


Family Life: Tuesday 30th October

Melbourne Cup Day: Tuesday 6th November

Frankston Youth Services Transition Visit: 12th & 15th November

2 x 1 Sport: Thursday 22nd November

2 x 1 Sport: Friday 30th November

Curriculum Day: Monday 3rd December

Surfing & Supping: Thursday 6th December

Statewide Orientation Day: Tuesday 11th December

Christmas Sing-Along: Wednesday 12th December

Graduation: Wednesday 19th December

End of Term (Early Dismissal): Friday 21st December


Learning Focus for Term 4



This term students will engage in a series of workshops to enhance their comprehension skills. Students will choose the skills they would like to strengthen based on the CARS (Comprehension and Reading Strategies) assessments that have been conducted throughout the year.

Students will also be given opportunities to extend their oral language skills during Daily 5/CAFE sessions by participating in “Reader’s Theatre” - short scripts that enable students to adapt the tone, pace and expression of their voice associated with different characters.


As we conclude our student’s primary school journey, we will be exploring the different genres of writing that they have learnt about throughout the year. Samples of these genres including poetry, persuasive, third person and procedure, will compliment their year 6 scrapbooks as they revisit meaningful memories of their primary school years.



Number and Algebra:

We will look at creating sequences involving whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Students will also explore the rules used to create the sequence.  We will begin to use brackets and order of operations to write number sentences and design algorithms involving branching and iteration to solve specific classes of mathematical problems.


Statistics and Probability:

Students will investigate chance and data through conducting chance experiments with both small and large numbers of trials. We will explore probability using fractions, decimals and percentages and compare frequencies across experiments with expected frequencies. Students will also interpret and compare a range of data displays, including side-by-side column graphs for two categorical variables.


Measurement and Geometry

We will investigate the connection between decimal representations and the metric system. Students will convert between common metric units of length, mass and capacity and solve problems involving the comparison of lengths and areas using appropriate units. During location students will investigate the effect of combinations of transformations on simple and composite shapes, including creating tessellations. We will introduce the Cartesian coordinate system using all four quadrants.

Integrated Studies -

During Term 4, students will continue to learn about representative democracy and voting processes in Australia. They will expand on their knowledge by participating in a Parliamentary Role Play early in the term. Legislative Assembly Tour Guides will visit our school to conduct a Parliament Role Play in each of the Year Six classes. Using props and equipment including banners, nameplates, and a replica Mace, the classroom is set up to replicate the Legislative Assembly chamber at Parliament House. Role play teaches students how the Parliament of Victoria:

  • makes laws;
  • provides representative democracy for Victorians;
  • has a rich and colourful history.



Our focus for science this term is Earth.  We will start looking at earthquakes and will be exploring things such as; plates, structure, Earth’s changes, Australian earthquakes and seismologists. This unit provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding of the causes of earthquakes and how they change the Earth's surface. Through investigations, students explore earthquake magnitude data from Australia and neighbouring countries, drawing conclusions about patterns in the data.



During wellbeing in our final term, students will be exploring their healthy values through the school’s THRIVE program. This will include having the courage to seek help from someone they trust, lifting people up through positive feedback, and responding with kindness through role plays. Students will also investigate the peace movement, its history, and the values necessary in making a difference.



The end of the year is fast approaching and to celebrate the conclusion of your child’s Primary School education we will be holding a Graduation Ceremony on Wednesday, 19th of December, 2018. There will be a formal ceremony followed by a disco for the students. Seating allocations at the Level 6 Graduation are limited and we have a policy of allocating only two seats per child. We request that younger siblings do not attend. Notes regarding our Graduation day will begin coming out soon, so keep an eye out.

Homework will continue to be used to reinforce concepts learnt in the classroom as well as develop organisational skills of students at home.