Year Six - Term 1 2018

Langwarrin Park Primary School

Level 6 Newsletter - Term 1

Level 6 Team:

Welcome to 2018! We hope you all had a wonderful break and are ready for the school year ahead. Our Level 6 team for 2018 is; Kit Rahman 6/5, Kim Zerafa 6/6, Kellie Rose and David Rosser 6/7, Laura Freeman 6/8 and Brooke Cincurak 6/9. Our specialists are Sue Burt and Franca Peluso (P.E), Danielle Barrett (Art) Jenny Barnett (Performing Arts), Dianne Pendlebury (Music) and Alena Schneider (Indonesian).



Focus for 2018

At this stage of primary school, our key focus as a team is helping turn out resilient, respectful, resourceful and responsible students who are ready for high school by the end of 2018. We have an action-packed term with many opportunities for students to extend themselves. This includes Water Safety week, inter-school sport and the Level 6 musical production, “Olivia Twist”. We’re genuinely excited about our opportunity to teach your children and we have high expectations for all of them to achieve their best and be their best. We look forward to your support at home!

Important 2018 Dates:

Water Safety: Monday 12th - Friday 16th February

Meet the Teacher Night: Monday 26th February

House Athletics Carnival: Wednesday 28th March

Camp: Wednesday 9th - Friday 11th May

Production: Wednesday 23rd May

Graduation: Wednesday 19th December

Learning Focus for Term 1



We will be teaching the Daily 5 structure involving; Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work and Work on Writing. Students will experience explicitly taught mini-lessons that focus on reading strategies from the CAFÉ menu (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding Vocabulary). During Daily 5 ‘rounds’, teachers will spend time conferencing with each of the students, developing reading goals and tracking progress.


Students will work on their own individual spelling lists. They will often be asked to practise these words as a regular part of their weekly homework. A variety of spelling activities will be undertaken in the classroom and we will revise the spelling rules that your child has learnt in previous grades.


Our focus for writing this term will be recount writing (to support the Water Safety program) and report writing (to support our Integrated learning topics). Writing is a key area for development across the school and we will have daily focus lessons to develop student ability in this area.


During first term, students will explore a number of mathematical elements. Our Number and Algebra focus will be on place value, including expanding, renaming and rounding of fractions and decimals; patterns, where students explore square, triangular and prime numbers; and composite numbers, multiples and factors.

In Measurement and Geometry, Year 6 students will review unit conversion while exploring time, mass, volume and capacity.InStatistics and Probability, students will learn about chance through experimentation.In practicing the basic number operations, students will explore algorithms and word problems.

Integrated Studies


This term, students will undertake a unit on Geography, investigating Australia and its connection to Europe and North America. We will focus on the key concepts of place and interconnection. The scale of study goes global as students investigate the geographical diversity and variety of connections between people and places. Students will examine environmental characteristics and how human actions influence them.


In our unit focusing on Physical Science, students will investigate and generate inquiry questions about electrical circuits and their components. They will discuss and formulate plans of action to answer these questions, including completing scientific investigations. Investigations might include the form and function of circuit components, building a simple electric circuit and conducting a fair test about the electrical conductivity of materials.



With access to laptops, iPads and computers, students will incorporate ICT into many aspects of their learning; Integrated studies, Maths, Science and Literacy. These ICT resources will facilitate contemporary learning and development.


Our school is totally committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of every member of our school community. Langwarrin Park Primary has partnered with Elisabeth Murdoch College, Langwarrin Primary and Woodlands Primary to create the Langwarrin Positive Education Network. Together, we strive to improve social and emotional wellbeing at a school and community level.

Positive Education brings together best-practice teaching with the science of Positive Psychology, to help all students reach their academic and personal potential.

Information for parents & carers will be made available to help support families learn how to adopt principles of positive psychology at home. Keep an eye out on the newsletter and our Website for information and don’t forget to visit the school library to borrow from a range of resources specifically for parents and carers.


Homework is sent home on the Friday of each week and will be due back the following Thursday. In addition to this, students are encouraged to read at least 3 times a week and complete set homework as a consolidation of classroom learning.

Here’s to a fantastic year ahead!