Year 2

DURING TERM 1 the children discover the effects of sunlight on the skin and the need for protection. They learn about making reasoned personal decisions and choices about how we can carry out outdoor activities safely. The students carry out experiments using sunscreen and observe the results.


Each student will also design and construct Posters and Mobiles, and create Slogans to support the “Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide.”




The children will also conduct simple investigations about Water use in the home and in the garden. They will be able to identify water sources and discuss conservation of water both at school and in the home.


Do plants need water to survive? Students will set up an experiment to test the need for water for plants to survive. They will observe, collect information and display data from their results and understandings.



DURING TERM 2 Students will be involved in interactive sessions with live exhibits, models and biofacts. They will explore the inhabitants found in a rockpool, observe their survival adaptations and habitats, and will become aware of endangered species and the importance of conservation.


Students will observe and predict outcomes of growth and change in living things, particularly the lifecycle of the Frog. They will explore the different characteristics of life stages such as the egg to tadpole to frog.


The meaning of Celebrations and Remembrance symbols, Anniversaries and events will be explored. The importance of the Poppy and what it represents on November the 11th and the part the Shrine Memorial plays on the 11th month of the 11th day at 11 o’clock. The Anzac Day badge, The Digger’s Hat with the Rising Sun and other important symbols and events that have played an important part in our History. Students will explore other significant events and rituals around the world.


Action shows instil a positive wonderment in Nature for all participants, encouraging people to explore their Natural world.



DURING TERM 3 the Year 2 children visit the local Coles Supermarket where they enjoy a delicious ‘Money and Market’ Unit. The children gain an understanding of how fruit and vegetables are grown, how they can be classified, how they taste, smell, look and feel, and how they are sold at the market.


Armed with their purses and a list of fruit or vegetables to purchase for their families, the Year 2 children head off to the Local Coles They are responsible for comparing prices of the fruit and vegetables, getting the best bargains, and paying for their items. Each group also purchase vegetables for a classroom cook up of delicious delectable, tasty, terrific VEGETABLE SOUP, which prove to be VERY popular!


The students will also be engaged with an understanding that their local community is one of many that makes up Victoria, Australia and the World. 



DURING TERM 4 the students will visit a mining town from the 1880’s, Coal Creek. The students will experience daily life and hardships of a mining town. They will explore the heritage buildings and join in the re-enactments of how life would have been for the early settlers and pioneers in the region. The students are asked to make direct comparisons between past and present, experience life with no electricity and running water, and learn some bush skills. Sustainability is debated when we consider were the early settlers more sustainable than we are?