Principal's Word



Last Monday we held our final Curriculum day for the year and teams of teachers were able to work together to begin preparations for the 2018 program. Throughout the year our School Improvement team, consisting of Principals and Leading teachers have been    attending professional development in preparation for the implementation of the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) model. Working within this framework, teachers will be contributing members of a collective effort to improve the school’s capacity to help all students learn at high levels. We were delighted to welcome some of our newly appointed teachers as they joined us on our planning day. To support this new work, we will have 3 Learning Specialists who will continue to work in the classroom for part of their time and for the rest will work directly with teachers in their teams to strengthen skills and practice. These positions have been introduced by the Department of Education through the new agreement.




There have been a number of staffing changes for 2018 – some of our teachers are retiring and looking forward to having the time to spend with family and pursue other interests; others are moving interstate or overseas. As a result we have appointed 6 new classroom teachers who will join teams in the junior and senior sub schools.




2018 Foundation students will attend their final transition session on Tuesday 12 December. This has been a wonderful preparation for their entry into their schooling life and we are looking forward to them joining us officially in early February.  Year 6 students across the state will also have their Orientation Day next Tuesday.  Many of our students have already had a number of visits to and from EMC to assist in developing their readiness for secondary college.  We hope they have a fantastic day next week. Our whole school transition day is on Monday 18 December and all children will step up into their next year’s class.




Our final assembly for the year will be held on Thursday 21 December starting at 2.30pm sharp. At this assembly we reflect on our Year 6 graduating students and welcome the student leaders for 2018. Mr Chris Crewther, the  Honourable Member of Parliament for the Dunkley electorate will join us to present the Dunkley Shield.




Two more things to remember…..


  • We look forward to you joining us for our Christmas Singalong next Wednesday 13 December at 6pm
  • Don’t forget – 1:00pm dismissal on Friday 22 December



Denise Webster