Year Four


Langwarrin Park Primary School

Welcome to Year 4!


Term 1 Newsletter


The Year 4 teachers for 2021 are

Mr. Emerson (4/19), Mrs. Morgan (4/20), Miss. Singh (4/26) and Mrs. Moulton (4/27).

We are excited to be able to work with such a lively and creative bunch of students and aim to provide a stimulating and engaging learning program that is challenging and supportive for all. This year we wish to focus on building our students’ resilience, improving their collaboration skills and increasing their independence. Being in Year 4 will be a very exciting and busy time for students. Our aim is to consolidate and extend your child’s understandings in the areas of English, Mathematics and a range of Science and integrated topics. Just a reminder - if your child is absent, please ensure you send in a written absence note or a submission through ‘Dojo & Sentral.’

Classrooms doors will be open from 8:45am of a morning. We are encouraging students to come in, set up their belongings and get settled to start the day at 9am.




We expect our Year 4 students to:

  • take on the responsibility of being a good role model for the junior year levels, 
  • show respect for their peers, teachers, other children and the school environment,
  • display manners and be courteous at all times,
  • obey school rules and complete set tasks within the classroom and
  • be aware of their surroundings.

We are aware parent teacher relationships are of extreme importance and we encourage you to continue to form strong partnerships with us through the use of whole school communication tools like class DOJO.

Specialists –

Year 4 students will be participating in the following specialist lessons throughout the year; Phys. Ed, LOTE, Music, Art and Performing Arts. Students will also be involved in Year 4 sport and swimming.










4/19, 4/26,


4/20, 4/27





4/27, 4/26, 4/20, 4/19





4/19, 4/20, 4/26, 4/27





4/19, 4/26,

4/20,  4/27






4/19, 4/20, 4/26, 4/27




Key dates

  • Meet the teacher night – Week 3 (Week beginning February 8th)
  • District Swimming Trials – 25th February
  • School Photos – 5th March
  • Labour Day Public Holiday – 8th March
  • House athletics carnival – 31st March
  • End of term 1 – Friday 2nd April
  • Start of term 2 – Monday 19th of April
  • School Camp (Term 3) – Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th of August. (To be confirmed)





Term 2

  • School Cross Country – 21st April
  • Swimming – 27th April, 29th April, 4th May, 6th May and 11th May

Below is an overview of our structures and programs that aims to help inform you of what we teach and how we teach.

English –


Reading using CAFÉ and Daily 5 - this program teaches Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding vocabulary strategies (CAFE) and encourages students to choose ‘Good Fit’ books from a range of sources. Students will read a range of books that they want to read, appropriate to their reading level. As a year level, we are focusing on the development of comprehension skills through a range of sources. Students in Year 4 will also take part in the Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) this year. PRC books will be available for borrowing by students from the school Library.


Students will plan, draft, and publish their writing following a genre cycle of various texts in Term 1 the focus is on memoirs and poetry.

Each student will be involved in the new spelling program SMART SPELLING and will receive spelling lists each week combined with other spelling activities throughout the week culminating in a spelling test on Friday.

Mathematics -

This term we will be focusing on revising and improving our knowledge of place value, with an emphasis on reading large numbers correctly and using place value to help us with mental arithmetic. Mastering this skill and having a good understanding of numbers will help our students grasp content taught later in the year more easily. We will also be studying concepts of odd and even numbers, addition and subtraction.

Integrated/Science –

This term we will be looking into ‘Alpacas to Zebras.’ This includes comparing and contrasting animals from South America and Africa. For Science, the students will be looking into ‘Smooth Moves.’ Students will be learning about magnets and friction. They will be conducting tests/experiments within the Science unit.



Digital Technologies–

Students will have access to laptops where they can research various topics. This term the computers will be utilised as a tool to enhance learning in other areas of the curriculum.

Year 4 students will be using Google Classroom this year to help them keep organised and take control of their learning. If students are participating in the BYOD program then their laptops are expected to be at school each day and fully charged. 

Wellbeing –

The school will continue to implement our wellbeing program called ‘THRIVE’ (Try your best, be Healthy, Relate well, get Involved, live your Values and enjoy your Emotions). Sessions will focus on developing each student’s social and emotional wellbeing and will run throughout the term. 

Year 4 students have a THRIVE diary this year to help them keep organised and take control of their learning. Their diaries are expected to be at school each day. During class, we will include any important dates or reminders

Homework –

This year students will be participating in various homework activities. One activity is the 100/100 reading club, in which Year 4 students should be reading every night during the week.            Homework will be sent out on a Monday and be due on the Friday two weeks later. Signed by a parent.                                                                       


Thank you,

The 2021 Year 4 Team.