Year Five



The Level 5 Team

Welcome back to Term 2! We hope you all had a wonderful break and are ready for an exciting and busy term. Our Level 5 team for 2019 is Jo Smith (5/10), Jackie O’Neill (5/11), Kim Zerafa (5/12) and Matthew Dutchman (5/14). We wish good luck to Mr Rahman on his future endeavours.  Our specialists are Sue Burt and Franca Peluso (P.E), Kellie Rose (Art), Jenny Barrett (Performing Arts), Dianne Pendlebury (Music) and Alena Schneider (Indonesian).


Focus for the Year

We strive to empower all our students to develop lifelong learning skills. We praise individual effort, encourage our students to persist and believe that they can all achieve their learning goals.  We also encourage our students to develop independence and responsible attitudes which will assist them in making a positive transition to high school.


Important dates for 2019

Working Bee 9-12pm - 11th May

NAPLAN - 14th to 16th May

Careers Open Night - 22nd May

Swimming - 22nd May to 7th June

Parent Teacher Interviews - 3rd to 7th June

Queen’s Birthday - 10th June

Curriculum Day - 11th June

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea - 25th June

Camp (Sovereign Hill, Ballarat) - 12th to 14th June


Specialist Timetable

Mondays - Performing Arts (5/12)

Tuesday - Level 5 Sports (All)

Wednesday - Art (5/10, 5/14)

Thursday - PE (5/10, 5/11, 5/12, 5/14)

Friday - LOTE/Music (5/10, 5/11, 5/14, 5/12), Performing Arts (5/10, 514), Art (5/11, 5/12)



We are currently using Class Dojo to communicate with parents. See Class Dojo protocols here:

Please continue to write notes when children are away. Do not hesitate to contact us at school and leave a message or a voicemail.



Better Buddies Program

In continuing with the Better Buddies Program, year five students will meet with their foundation buddies regularly to foster a trusting and positive relationship that encourages pro-social values and connections. These interactions arm all buddies with stronger and more developed relationship skills that facilitate their education and social development journey.




During term two, students will continue implementing the CAFE (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expand Vocabulary) reading strategies. With the lesson format also continuing (explicit teaching, application of strategies during work time and reading practice), students will develop and embed their understanding of reading and comprehension skills and strategies.



With NAPLAN upon us in week four, Year Five will fine tune their skills in the narrative and persuasive text genres during the early weeks. Following NAPLAN, students will explore the structures of discussion, response and explanation writing by studying and disassembling a range of exemplars and the successful tools they use.



During our spelling sessions, students will continue to develop their knowledge of phonemes and spelling rules while studying their Ayers Spelling Lists. Students will be encouraged to strive for excellence by considering word origin while practising their spelling.



Students will continue to revise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on a daily basis through focused lessons and math talks. In Measurement and Geometry, we will be exploring and visualizing the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and investigating and comparing angles.  Students will also be learning about length, area and perimeter. We continually encourage our students to explain their thinking and to use a range of problem solving strategies to help them solve a variety of mathematical problems. Students are also enhancing their mathematical learning through using My Numeracy and developing their mental math strategies when using Sunset Maths.





Science - Physical

This term we look at light and conduct a number of experiments to explore how light is absorbed, reflected and refracted.  The students are involved in the scientific process by predicting the outcomes of experiments and then conducting and recording results.  They will then be asked to interpret their results and draw appropriate conclusions.



This term we study the effect the Australian Gold Rush had on the development of the Australian Colonies. Students will investigate various aspects of the Gold Rush and life on the Gold Fields.  Our Year 5 Camp during this term will support the students studies and understandings. They will be able to experience life on the Goldfields for themselves at Sovereign Hill.




With access to school laptops and our BYOD program, our students will be immersed in the Google Suite programs. Students will learn how to plan, collaborate, publish and present their ideas using the various new and exciting programs that Google has to offer. Be sure to look on Google Classroom to see what kind of work your child is doing. Students will incorporate ICT into many aspects of their learning: Inquiry, Maths, Science and Literacy will facilitate contemporary learning and development.



Wellbeing, by definition, is  a state of being comfortable, happy and healthy. Our targeted weekly sessions will aim to achieve these things while preparing students for life in the senior school.

Some key topics that will be covered include:





These sessions may also include guided meditation or circle time activities.



This term will also see the continuation of the Homework Cafe Menu. After NAPLAN has finished, students will receive their Menu for the Term. The menu will contain various activities that relate to the Victorian Curriculum that is being taught in each class this term. Each completed activity will earn students a different number of stars. Throughout the term, students will be required to complete enough activities that will earn them 40 stars. These activities should be completed with thorough research and students should focus not only on the quantity but the quality of their work, in terms of both content and presentation. Please be aware of the homework expectations that will be pasted in the cover of their homework books.